Welcome to IEEE Denver Section Young Professionals! Here you will find important announcements, calendar of events, information on officers, other units, and useful links. Please use the navigation menu on top to browse the pages.

Our Denver affinity group of IEEE young professionals is a well-knit community of enthusiastic, dynamic, and innovative members and volunteers. Together, we are committed to helping young professionals evaluate their career goals, polish their professional image, and create the building blocks of a lifelong and diverse professional network.

Here is our list of events and dates for 2023:
June - Engineer Eats on ChatGPT/AI
Date: June 22nd
Location: South of Denver

July - Engineer Eats on Fit or Flop? Is This Job a Good Fit?
Date: July 13th
Location: North of Denver

August - Engineer Eats on How to Network and How to Utilize IEEE to Boost my Career
Date: August 24th
Location: Downtown Denver (Casa Bonita maybe!)

September - Oops! Engineering Edition
Date: September 21st
Location: South of Denver

October - Engineer Eats on How to Write a Research and Conference Paper
Date: October 20th
Location: Downtown Denver

November - How to Build an e-Bike
Date: August 16th
Location: North of Denver

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