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Welcome to the Northeast Michigan Section website for the members of the IEEE. Here you will find important announcements, calendar of events, information on officers, other units, and useful links. Please use the navigation menu on top to browse the pages.


  • Dear Ahmed M Abdelgawad, Northeast Michigan Section Chair,

    I am pleased to recognize the Northeast Michigan Section for meeting its retention goal for
    the 2016 membership year. Congratulations!

    The membership development goals were developed based on your Section's four
    year performance. You are to be commended for continuing to grow IEEE membership
    in the Northeast Michigan Section.

    In recognition of this achievement, I have attached an image that you can place
    in your e-mail signature and on your Section website or newsletters, which
    signifies your outstanding achievement for the 2016 membership year.

    Please feel free to share this with other leaders in your Section to recognize
    the good work you are doing, and to let your members know you are working hard
    to provide them the best member experience possible.


    Antonio Luque
    2016 Chair, IEEE Membership Recruitment and Recovery Committee


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