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Full name:
Poland IEEE LM80033 Life Members Affinity Group within IEEE R80033 Poland Section (IEEE Poland Section is also a registered association under Polish law and has legal personality REGON: 381658247)

The First historically Board of Poland Section IEEE LMAG consists of:
Chairman: Prof. Dr. hab. Eng. Adam Dabrowski, 7 dec 2022 - 7 dec 2024
Vice-chairman: Prof. Dr. hab. Eng. Tomasz Szmuc, 13 jul 2023 - 12 jul 2025
Secretary/Treasurer: Dr. Eng. Miroslaw S. Zmyslony. 13 jul 2023 - 12 jul 2025

Date of establishment of the Poland Section IEEE LMAG: 7 dec 2022

"Leading the way and giving back. IEEE Life Membership is an official recognition of a strong and sustained commitment to IEEE. Life members get together with their peers, participate in educational excursions, work together to mentor students, and improve their communities." - Howard Wolfman, Chair of 2023 IEEE Life Members Committee.

"IEEE Life Members Core Values:
- Learning never stops: Listen to others with an open mind, read books, take classes to remain technically current, and always explore new ideas.
- Make a difference: Mentor students, support humanitarian initiatives, or contribute to the IEEE Life Member Fund.
- Actively participate: Attend and influence IEEE events.
- Contribute time and ideas: Be seen by IEEE as contributors as well as resources of knowledge and expertise.
- Provide guidance: Clarify technology matters and assist policy makers in translating and implementing technology laden legislation." Vide:

Editor of this website: Dr. Eng. Miroslaw S. Zmyslony, Secretary/Treasurer,


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    "It is a privilege to be an IEEE Life Member (LM) with so much to contribute back to the engineering community and to the public in general. You are entitled to become a LM when your age is at least 65 and the sum of your age and of your active membership duration reaches 100. Life Members are exempted of IEEE membership fees and pay lower fees at IEEE Conferences (at most – IEEE Student fees). Most Life Member activities are performed by Life Member Affinity Groups (LMAG), similar to Chapters, established as part of an IEEE Section. In summary the mission of Life Members Groups is to:
    - Enhance and encourage interest in electrical and electronic engineering at secondary and tertiary (college) levels.
    - Utilize the vast experience of LMs to impact the general public’s knowledge of electrical and electronic engineering and increase understanding of the role of engineers.
    - Foster collaborations in pre-university education and encourage students to consider taking up engineering as a career.
    - Promulgate the history of electrical engineering together with information and related technologies.
    Region8 LM Coord. Dr.-Ing. P. MAGYAR LF IEEE
    IEEE 2020 - 2025 goals:
    Drive global innovation through broad collaboration and the sharing of knowledge
    Enhance public understanding of engineering and technology and pursue standards for their practical application
    Be a trusted source of educational services and resources to support life-long learning
    Provide opportunities for career and professional development
    Inspire a worldwide audience by building communities that advance technical interests, inform public policy, and expand knowledge for the benefit of humanity