Welcome to the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society Portugal Chapter, section website for the members of the IEEE. Here you will find important announcements, calendar of events, information on officers, other units, and useful links. Please use the navigation menu on top to browse the pages.

The technical areas of the Portuguese chapter of IEEE Vehicular Technology Society, VTS, are the same as the IEEE VTS itself: the theoretical, experimental and operational aspects of electrical and electronics engineering in mobile radio, motor vehicles and land transportation.
(a) Mobile radio, including all terrestrial mobile services.
(b) Motor vehicles, including the components and systems and motive power for propulsion and auxiliary functions.
(c) Land transportation, including the components and systems used in both automated and non-automated facets of ground transport technology.

VTS members’ research results are mainly presented and published in the IEEE Flagship Conferences Vehicle Power and Propulsion Conference (VPPC), and Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC) and in the journals IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine, and IEEE Open Journal of Vehicular Technology. More information can be found on the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society website,