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IEEE activities in Kerala have reached its 33rd year. Initiated on 17 February 1975 as a subsection under the then India section, Kerala subsection became part of the Bangalore Section in 1976 upon formation of India Council. Kerala became a full Section in 1983. The section has been very active since its formation. It has been holding a national or international seminar every year since 1984. As of January 2008, Kerala Section has around 1500 members including student members. The section has a Computer Society Chapter, a Power engineering Society Chapter, a joint Chapter on Industry Applications & Industrial Electronics Societies and a Communication Society Chapter. Two affinity groups called IEEE GOLD and IEEE Women in Engineering are running under this section. Student branches have been established in 56 Engineering Colleges.


  • LINK 2011 is releasing it's first edition of online newsletter 'LINKLine 11.1'. This enables the leader to stay connected to the current affairs in IEEE LINK.
    Benefits of this Online LINKLine Newsletter
    Due to this the number of readers will increase and they will be aware of concurrent affairs and events.
    Readers are able to download it as pdf format.
    Readers are able to printout the newsletter pages.

    LINKLine is available at :


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