Welcome to the IEEE Lebanon Section Joint Chapter, IE13/PE31/CAS04/PEL35 website.


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Manage Officers:

1- Chapter Chair: Prof. Abdallah Kassem (BIO.)
2- Chapter Secretary: Prof. Adnan Harb (BIO.)
3- Chapter Treasurer: Associate Prof. Moustapha El Hassan (BIO.)
4- Chapter Vice-Chair: Dr. Mohamad Arnaout (BIO.)
5- Past Chair: Prof. Nazih Moubayed (BIO.)
6- Representative (Industry Ambassador): Associate Prof. Tilda Akiki (BIO.)
7- Representative (Membership Development Officer): Dr. Jean Sawma (BIO.)
8- Representative (Professional Activities Coordinator) & Webmaster: Dr. Ramzi JABER (BIO.)
9- Representative (Student Activities Coordinator): Eng. Nicolas Sfeir