IEEE Pittsburgh Section Power Electronics Chapter wins the
2015 Best Chapter Award
It is my pleasure to present the following email from the IEEE Power Electronics Society that the Pittsburgh Chapter has won the 2015 Best Chapter Award. We all should be very proud of this achievement. You contribute to this success in many ways. You signed the petition to form the Chapter last year. You attend the monthly meetings. You volunteer to take many roles, such as being organizers, speakers, and so on. You watched this Chapter from its inception to win the crown.

By being a part of the team that does the work behind the scene to run this Chapter is quite rewarding. This experience stays with the team members for life. It can be applied in other activities that we are involved with. Please come forward and be a part of it as it is time for a new team to take over the reign at the beginning of 2016.

Respectfully submitted,
Kal Sen
Chair, 2014-15